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The Challenge

With the market dominated by established competitors, how can we break through and get people talking about our new company? Starting from ground zero, our ambition was to build a global brand that profoundly impacts millions of users.

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The Outcome

An unbeatable strategy fueled by passion and purpose with the tagline “microdosing for mental health!” Brand name & strategy, logo design, color palette & typography, packaging design, brand mascots, social media strategy & graphics, a fully functional e-commerce website and website design. 

The Story

“When you are in the bottle, you can’t read the label.” Translation: When it is your business, it can be difficult to see the brands direction.

After uncovering Michael’s pain point of not understanding his brand image, we were able to dive deep into the history of Asano Designs and pull from previous copy and old testimonials to really understand the depth of his brand.

After exploring multiple options, we created the slogan “you have to see what you don’t like, in order to understand what you do.”  The theme: “Asano designs serves as your strategic partner through the Journey of design.”

But what is the Journey of design?

It begins by uncovering the company’s story to understand where it has been, in order to know where it is going. It is learning how to articulate the journey through visual language to capture the brands essence. We do this by exploring different possibilities to uncover the direction that fits.

By using words like “Visual language” we continued building messaging that described Asano Design’s abilities, in Michaels words.

Asano Designs – Visual Language – “Graphic design is made up of visual elements that besides being decorative know how to speak to people.”

While working with Michael, it was easy to put myself in his clients’ shoes to understand how he supported them along their journey of discovery. His testimonial’s spoke to his speed, talent, and dedication demonstrating that he became a part of their team.

Asano Designs – “We partner with your team, to align your vision with you message.”

In the end we created messaging that landed with Asano Design’s clients and the brand image.

Asano Designs – “The best journeys are taken together. We serve as your strategic partner on the journey through design.”

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