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Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up for an episode that’s bound to leave you inspired! I’m excited to present our guest this week – the remarkable Ian Clark. Ian, the visionary Founder and CEO of Activation Products, embarked on a profound journey when, at the age of 46, he confronted multiple life-threatening illnesses, and doctors gave him a mere 1000 days to live. However, Ian seized control of his destiny, and on his current trajectory, he not only defied the odds but now boasts a minimum of 21,000 days to savor life! Let’s dive into this extraordinary tale of resilience and renewal!
Welcome listeners! Today, I am introducing our esteemed guest, Gina Casella. As the mastermind behind Present Moment Hypnotherapy International (PMHI), Gina stands as the luminary owner and operator. An adept and licensed Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT®) and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Gina’s journey in biohacking lives commenced under the mentorship of the esteemed Marisa Peer back in 2021. Get ready for an enlightening conversation as we unravel the layers of insight and transformation that Gina offers.
Welcome listeners, today our guest is Rebecca Fararr, a seasoned archetypal astrologer with over 13 years of cosmic exploration. A true luminary in her field, Rebecca’s insights have graced the pages of publications like Elle, Reader’s Digest, Bustle,, and Elite Daily. Her celestial expertise extends beyond the realms of print, having collaborated with industry giants such as Pinterest, Google, and Facebook. Get ready for an insightful dive into the cosmic currents with today’s guest. Let the cosmic journey begin!
Join us for an illuminating episode on the Brand Healer Podcast featuring Tara Kabatoff, an intuitive healer and teacher focused on the subconscious mind and shadow work for healing and self-discovery. In a 16-year journey, Tara delves into the depths of the shadow, unveiling invaluable insights and methods to live authentically and in alignment for a fulfilled life.”
Get ready for an inspiring episode featuring Christine Cardoza, an Intuitive Business Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, and Emotional/Sacral Intimacy Coach. Christine’s mission is to eradicate emotional suffering and enhance emotional intelligence, guiding clients to heal from within, remove barriers, and elevate self-worth to manifest their desired life, love, and success. Join us as Christine shares her transformative journey and empowering insights that could change the way you perceive emotional healing and personal growth.
Get ready for an incredible episode featuring Diane Mandle, an internationally acclaimed author, recording artist, and Tibetan bowl practitioner. As the only state-certified instructor in California, Diane’s expertise shines through her 250+ educational concerts across the globe. From captivating audiences in multiple countries to being a guest presenter at renowned institutions like the Museum of Making Music and The Deepak Chopra Center, Diane’s sound healing prowess is unmatched. Join us as she shares her journey and insights from her private practice and ownership of the Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School in Southern California.
Join me in welcoming Rebecca Llewellyn, a multidimensional medicine woman, shamanic practitioner, and double-certified breathwork guide. With over 15 years of dedicated spiritual exploration, Rebecca serves as a mentor and channel, empowering individuals on their transformative paths. In this captivating episode, she shares wisdom, modalities, and insights to empower your personal and spiritual journey. Get ready for an incredible conversation that’ll leave you inspired.
Welcome, listeners, to an enlightening conversation with Asztrid Karpacs, a luminary in the realm of Spiritual Transformational Coaching. Embarking on a journey beyond the ordinary, Asztrid delves into the profound depths of the 5th dimension to unlock the secrets held within each individual’s Akashic Records. Her incredible abilities allow her to decipher the intricate blueprints of souls, pinpointing blockages that hinder personal growth. Through this transformative process, she not only identifies obstacles but also offers the keys to transmute stagnant energy, paving the way for a life that resonates with true alignment. Let’s dive into this captivating episode!
Welcome today’s guest: Jeffrey Eisen. Listen in on how a life changing illness altered the course of his seemingly picture perfect life. This served as a turning point that propelled him towards a transformative journey of self-discovery. Since that pivotal moment, Jeffrey has evolved into a spiritual life coach, channeler, energy intuitive, and dedicated teacher.


Our guest this episode is Christine Grogan. Christine has spent her career growing, leading, and transforming healthcare companies and building dynamic businesses that deliver exceptional results. Christine has a laundry list of incredible accomplishments and a wealth of knowledge that she shared during our conversation together.

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