From Start-Up to National Player

The Challenge

Distinguish a new CBD oil company in a saturated Canadian market.

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The Outcome

We found a gap in the market that we were able to exploit. We created a relatable name and logo. We designed sleek minimalistic packaging that gave us a competitive advantage. We built a user-friendly ecommerce website. We developed 26 different products, each sold with unbeatable customer service.

We created a movement within the cannabis industry.

The Story

We created the first experience-based CBD brand in Canada. This set us apart from our competitors right out the gate. Knowing that we had a strong differentiator, we were able to build a brand strategy that was sure to shake things up in the cannabis industry.

We launched with 4 unique and distinctly flavored vape pens. Our “Calm” vape quickly became a crowd favorite which was a blend of vanilla, lavender, and peppermint essential oils. We built our brand
strategy from our four brand pillars: all natural ingredients, premium hardware, THC free, and user friendly. We were the first CBD brand to introduce the concept of “micro-dosing” to the Canadian market. Our strategy was to connect with our ideal client who was a middle-aged woman that was new to CBD. We used premium hardware that came in sleek packaging to give the customer a unique experience. Our design, although minimalistic, it was eye-catching and relatable which had us stand out amongst the other products on the shelves.

As we grew, we built trust with our audience through proof of product and exceptional customer service. We began educating our community about cannabis, to remove the stigma around CBD. We wrote informative blogs, made social media content that was educational and addressed customers comments and concerns. Our goal was not to have followers but to build a strong community. And that is what we did!

By the end, we were a national brand sold in 250+ stores and were sought after by several Canadian licensed producers to become partner within their company.

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