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When you are blending in with your competitors in a busy market.

The Challenge

To stand out from the competition with a strong differentiation strategy. To have the getFREED website reflect the new position. To uncover and showcase the strengths of our client.

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The Outcome

Four business pillars to differentiate getFREED from the competition which are displayed on the getFREED landing page, built by BrandRoots. Established core values, uncovered getFREED’s purpose, and understanding the problems and solutions getFREED provides to its investors.

The Story

David Price is an ER physician with a passion for medicine and helping other physicians attain financial independence through real estate syndications. Syndications are group investments in larger commercial real estate projects such as multi-family homes and self storage. The goal: create an online platform to educated physicians on real estate syndications, the opportunities they present with the option to become an investor.

After a thorough competitor analysis, it was clear that the getFREED website was blending in with its competitors and needed a strategy to stand out. Utilizing the information acquired through our discovery session, 4 brand pillars stood out:

1. Beat burn-out
2. Evidence based investing
3. Risk averse
4. Smart investing

By establishing 4 strong business pillars it was clear how getFREED was different from its competitors.

As an ER physician you witness the strain of long hours and consecutive days on your colleagues and peers. The solution to beat burn-out and attaining your financial freedom is risk averse, evidence-based investing. getFREED provides all the facts and holds nothing back so that you can make smart

Once our strategy had been established, we rebuilt the website landing page to reflect our position and made small tweaks throughout the website to ensure it was consistent throughout.

While working together, we confirmed that David Price’s superpower is in-person speaking events. If you are an MD with the goal of financial freedom, be sure to join the getFREED tribe to find out when and where the next event is scheduled for.

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