Working with BrandRoots creates happy thoughts...

The Challenge

In a psilocybin microdose market already dominated by established competitors, how can we break through and generate a tremendous buzz around our new company? Starting from ground zero, our ambition is to build a global brand that profoundly impacts millions of users.

The Outcome

An unbeatable strategy fueled by passion and purpose with the tagline “microdosing for mental health!” Brand name and strategy, logo design, color palette & typography, packaging design, brand mascots, social media strategy and graphics, & a fully functional e commerce website & website design. 

The Story

A team of amazing people were in the process of creating a psilocybin microdosing company when they realized that they were “late to the game” and needed a strategy that would have them stand out amongst the already established competitors. After a thorough competitor analysis and understanding the beliefs and strengths of the team, we found a gap in the industry that resonated with each team member. Microdosing for mental health. 

The stage was set, as each member had their own inspiring journey of overcoming mental health challenges, with psilocybin playing a significant role. Some of them have even transformed into mental health advocates and coaches. Now, the only missing piece was a name…

With the brand name established and our position defined, our next step was to develop a distinctive brand strategy that truly embodied the essence of happy thoughts. Drawing inspiration from the growing excitement surrounding ayurvedic herbs like Ashwagandha and Brahmi, as well as the scientifically supported evidence highlighting the mental health benefits of functional mushrooms, we found our strategy.

“Each capsule contains Ayurvedic Herbs, Functional Mushrooms, and the POWER of Psilocybin for Optimal Mental Health and Positive Vibes.”

Our launch would feature four distinct SKUs, each specifically designed to address different mental health experiences: anxiety, depression, stress, and ADHD. The ingredients in each product are carefully tailored to combat the specific symptoms associated with each experience. As for our tagline


The struggles of mental health when you open a box of happy thoughts.

Recognizing the impact of our creation, we curated a color palette that not only aligned with each unique mental health experience but also exuded heightened vibrancy, infusing our customers with positive vibes.

In order to make a lasting impression, we needed packaging that would not only captivate customers but also inspire them to share our product. Vibrant colors, compelling messaging, and the inclusion of unique mascots representing each experience, showcasing the transformative effects of microdosing with happy thoughts – these elements would undoubtedly achieve that goal. Allow us to introduce the Happy Thoughts Team, ready to make a positive impact!

With the brand strategy, messaging, and design in place we were faced with our next challenge of having to build an ecommerce website that represented the brand image. It was time for the happy thoughts team to work with the brilliant mind of Melisa Sunderland, BrandRoots web developer.

With the brand strategy as our guiding principle, we meticulously crafted the website to prioritize the user experience. Incorporating a catchy slogan, “Open a box of happy thoughts,” and embracing the brand’s positioning as “Microdosing for mental health,” we designed a banner that captured the brand’s essence, setting the tone for the entire website. Each page was thoughtfully structured to exude a sense of  cleanliness and simplicity, accentuated by strategic “pops” of the brand’s color palette.

Being an ecommerce site, the shop and product pages were of utmost importance and they needed to be clear and easy to navigate to ensure ease of purchasing for the customer. Each product page was built to showcase the product first, then to highlight the ingredients, leaving space for customers’ reviews. Once the ecommerce pages were complete (including a cart, checkout, payment, and account pages) we added in an About Us, Learn and Contact pages so the customers could get to know the brand more and have future questions answered. 

Finally, it was time to optimize the site for tablet and mobile and add in SEO(Search Engine Optimization) so the website can be found easily online. With the website tested, we were ready for launch!