Instead of being good at everything, become the master of ONE thing!

The Challenge

Clarifying the offer to specialize in one modality. To make the offer clear, concise and approachable. To create a business outline that helps clients understand Hollis’s unique skill set. 

The Outcome

A FOCUSED offer; Psilocybin Ceremonies. We uncovered her brand archetypes, target audience and brand emotion which created clarity and connection for both the client and the business.

The Story

Hollis has been a solopreneur for 10 years and has struggled to increase her revenues. When we first met, Hollis offered multiple modalities which made it unclear to her customers what she excelled in. After learning her process and discovering her deep connection to the power of psilocybin, it was clear which direction to move her business. The focus: psilocybin ceremonies.

Through competitor analysis, we discovered that there were no practitioners in the Baja region offering psilocybin ceremonies. We had found a GAP! We then created 4 distinct brand pillars that Hollis’s ceremonies would embody:

  1. Safe environment

  2. High-quality medicine 

  3. Experienced facilitators

  4. Medicine with intention

With the pillars established, we focused on what made her ceremonies different from other practitioners and came up with 3 differentiators:

  1. Music & ambiance 

  2. Sacred space

  3. Luxury retreats

We were ROLLIN! Next, we discovered her brand archetypes and how they were intertwined throughout her business.

  1. 40% The Sage – Characterized by wisdom, knowledge and understanding

  2. 40% The Magician – Characterized by creativity, power and influence

  3. 20% The Outlaw – Characterized by independence, non-conformity and freedom

Finally, we did a deep dive and created an extensive customer avatar so we knew exactly who we were speaking to. Throughout our journey, we could both feel the brand emotion that Hollis Baley provided her clients – Reassurance.

By the end, her monthly sales had TRIPLED!

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