Journey into Breath

Water in the boat and you can’t find the leak...

The Challenge

To find obstacles within the business that weren’t apparent but prevented it from growing. To uncover the client’s subconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that hindered her from moving forward with confidence. To create a business outline that helped the client understand her values, brand, and audience.

The Outcome

Eliminated the subconscious program and replaced the limiting beliefs with strong personal core values. We created customer identity, target audience and brand voice which created clarity and direction for both the client and the business. Created a road map of where Journey into Breath had been and where it was going.

The Story

When operating under limiting beliefs and sub-conscious patterns, it’s tough to move forward in both business and life. We helped our client, Krystal, write a new narrative about herself and her capability so she could move forward with confidence. With clear vision, we were able to objectively assess the business and diagnose what wasn’t working. 

Krystal was over extending herself with too many projects and burning the candle at both ends. She was moving in too many directions without allotting the proper amount of time and attention to each project. We helped her create firmer boundaries and an operating system which facilitates better decision-making. We helped her map a path for the next year that would be the most financially prosperous and personally exciting.

By the end we had doubled Krystal’s monthly revenues while reducing the number of hours worked.