With options on the table, can we focus on just one?

The Challenge

To unlock Logan’s confidence so he can step forward confidently in his business. To solve Logan’s customer pain points and convey the solution through concise messaging. To uncover his competitors and create Logan Gray Design.

The Outcome

Clear direction with their focus on design. Removed limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that withheld their confidence. Devised a winning strategy that would help them achieve their goals.

The Story

When we began, Logan was at an impasse deciding which of 4 potential businesses he wanted to focus on. His strengths: superior design, creativity and SPEED.

By connecting to his purpose, the goal of becoming a leading designer was born. Logan would create everything from websites, logos, social media posts, worksheets and more for his clients in a timely fashion. Logan THRIVES under pressure.

While finding direction, we exposed limiting beliefs and subconscious patterns that were keeping his confidence hostage. Once exposed, we were able to eliminate and replace both his beliefs and patterns with strong personal core values which freed Logan’s confidence.

We went on to uncover the competition through competitor analysis and devised a strategy to stand out amongst the competitors. Putting ourselves in our customers shoes, we revealed the pain points of our ideal customer.

Pain Points

1. Overwhelmed in their business
2. In need of design
3. Lack consistency throughout their brand
4. Their design process is slow and losing them potential sales


1. Getting clients from point A to point Z using Logan’s speed
2. Utilizing Logan’s creativity

3. Creating design materials such as website, social media posts and worksheets within 7 days.
4. Move client’s forward with urgency

By identifying his clients pain points, we were able to unlock the emotion attached to his ideal customer: Frustration. The frustration of entrepreneurship and the design tasks involved. By being able to connect with our customers emotion, we are able to understand how to better solve their problems.

By the end of our time together, Logan found his confidence in both his personal and professional lives. He had brand clarity, brand direction and a strategy to move him forward in his business.