School Smart 101

When you don't know your customer.

The Challenge

Revaluate who benefits from the offer to understand the target audience. Create clear, concise messaging to speak to the ideal client. Create effective marketing strategies to get the offer known.

The Outcome

Brand positioning, target audience and concise messaging. Marketing strategies that supported the client’s strengths. Created an ideal client avatar, brand archetype and brand voice. Built an 11-page brand guide to house the current and future brand strategies.

The Story

Allison created an online course to teach parents how to support their children during their journey through education. She created amazing educational videos based on her 4 pillars of learning: study
skills and organization, critical thinking and reading, writing, and mindfulness and emotional well-being. The hold up, she didn’t know her audience.

Alison thought she was speaking to parents that were looking to
unschool their children and take education into their own hands. However, the truth was that the program supports kids that are in school, and who are struggling to learn the foundational tools necessary to advance in the subjects covered by her 4 pillars of learning.

Together, we found clarity by connecting to her audience and understanding how her program supported children through their learning process while filling in the gaps that the standard educational systems were missing. By understanding who the offer supported we were able to create our ideal client so we knew exactly who we were speaking to. 

Once we knew our audience, we were able to create clear, concise messaging to convey the offer in a way that spoke to our ideal client. 

During this time, we devised a number of marketing strategies, including a podcast strategy, where Allison was able to shine the light on how to better support your children through education.

While working together Allison earned the nickname “Lady Luck” as things would always happen to her and around her. With the help of her mantra “taking inspired action 20 minutes at a time,” we were able to create the mindset to persevere through the challenges in order to get the work done and to advance her business.