Take Me Away Pastries

Starting from scratch and making something delicious.

The Challenge

To create clear direction for Melisa’s vegan pastry business. To establish a strategy that will separate her from her competitors and leave a GOOD taste in the mouths of her customers.

The Outcome

We created a solid business foundation, logo and brand strategy. On this adventure we unlocked the creative mind of Melisa and came out with something delicious!

The Story

Melisa was new to business and had a burning desire to learn. She had created a unique and delicious vegan product that had never been on shelves before. All she needed was to find the confidence in herself and a winning strategy to take her to the next level.

We started by conducting a thorough competitor analysis to see how she fit into the market and how to price herself competitively. We researched all the local competitors and evaluated them based off our BrandRoots criteria:

1. What they did well
2. Where they could improve
3. What differentiated them from other competitors
4. How they spoke to their potential customers
5. What additional products they sold & at what price point
6. Their overall look and feel
7. Design

Once we had a clear idea of what the competitors were doing, we knew how we could stand out amongst the other display cases.

We created a name that included both of Melisa’s passions, veganism, and travel. The name; “Take Me Away Vegan Pastries.” The concept: to have a variety of well-known pastries that she had experienced and enjoyed from her worldly travels. We went on to create a brand voice, customer identity, brand position, brand archetype and more.

In the end we had created a brand that both sounded, and tasted delicious!

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