Changing the game...

The Challenge

Coming up with a brand name that represents the product. Creating strategy to advance our products in the Canadian regulated market. Uncovering a way to stand out amongst the competitors.

The Outcome

A name that resonates with the target audience. A strategic partnership with an Ontario based LP. Competitor analysis to uncover unique differentiators to create separation from the competitors.

The Story

The brand ufeelu was born. The first experience-based product within the Canadian regulated market. If that wasn’t enough, we created the first CBD product to utilize heightened cannabinoid content combined with a unique blend of botanical terpenes to elevate the user’s experience. We created multiple differentiators to help us become a national brand.

We understood our demographic and created easy to understand messaging to educate the entry level user of the complexity of the product. Calm drops, specialty formulated to help elevate stress, anxiety and to put the body back into the “rest and digest mode” by accessing the parasympathetic nervous system through cannabinoid research.

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