Uncover and Discover

A Masters in Mental Health.

The Challenge

The direction of Gina’s brand was unclear. She had multiple holistic offers that weren’t complimentary to each other, which made it difficult to understand the brands position. Her messaging was vague and didn’t align with a specific target audience. Her website needed some work.

The Outcome

CLARITY: Direction within Gina’s brand “Uncover and Discover,” solidified a firm position within the holistic industry and created a course that will be a staple for mental health (the L.E.T G.O program). Did I mention that we also rebuilt her website? Check it out at www.uncoveranddiscover.com

The Story

Gina had multiple low entry services that required minimal commitment from her clients, which made it difficult to see tangible results and to grow her business. With her masters in Mental Health and addiction therapy combined with years of experience working in the industry, it was easy to uncover her target audience and where to move her business. The plan: create a 3-month program of self discovery with messaging that relates to mental health.

The truth is most discomfort experienced by an individual can be traced back to three conditions: stress, anxiety, and depression. By uncovering the root of her services and understanding that her approach was unique, the brand message was clear. “A different approach to mental health. Learn to master your emotions through our L.E.T G.O. program.”

The L.E.T.G.O. program is an acronym for Limiting Beliefs, Emotional Mastery, Transformation, Gift of Forgiveness and Open Heartedness. Five areas to master to unlock your true potential. 

Our Mission: Through our let go program of self exploration, trauma release, and breathwork, clients can let go of the old version of themselves to become the new. 

Once we established her mission, target audience, brand message and built her “L.E.T.G.O.” program we rebuilt her website from scratch to elevate her brand and build trust with her potential clients. Melisa (BrandRoots web developer) knocked this project out of the park and raised Uncover and Discover to new heights with a brand new website and SEO strategy.

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