Warriors Journey

Focus – “I don’t have a short attention span, I just……Squirrel!!

The Challenge

Can we focus Eric’s brand’s vision to make it clear, concise and relatable? Is it possible to use existing work or was it time to start anew? 

The Outcome

Complete rebrand, with new name, direction, target audience, brand strategy, competitive analysis, and story. Focused the client and instilled new core values in the client and the business.

The Story

We developed a concept that had not been done within Canada, which was an experienced-based CBD brand. Consequently, we created a differentiator separating us from the competition. We came up with a name that explains what distinguishes us while creating clarity for our users.

As we built our brand roots, we developed four distinct flavors of CBD vape pens which quickly became what we were known for, especially our famous “Calm” vape pen which is a blend of vanilla, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

We made all of our products user friendly, and we were the first brand to introduce the concept of “micro-dosing” to the CBD space. We used premium hardware that came in sleek, sexy packaging to give the customer a unique experience.

Our design, although minimalistic, it was eye-catching and relatable which had us stand out amongst the other products on the shelves. We made sure our customer knew our four distinct pillars; All natural ingredients, premium hardware, THC free and user friendly.

Once we had a small customer base, we began educating the community to remove the stigma around CBD. We wrote informative blogs, made educational social media content and addressed public comments and concerns. Our goal was not to have followers but to build a strong community. And that is what we did!