Episode 3: Holly Hughes

I am thrilled to share another amazing interview with you all. In this episode, my guest was the incredible ⁠Holly Hughes⁠!

Holly is an intuitive healer, published author, and public speaker. She has an 11-week program called, “Real, Not Perfect” which is also the title of her book.

Holly is a clairvoyant who aids in guiding her clients to deep inner healing. Beyond being a clairvoyant, she is a Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Claircognizant and Clairgustant.

Our conversation was intended to get into a discussion about her branding but Holly turned the tables on me and we spent our time talking about many other things instead.

This is why I love doing these interviews, you just never know what can happen!

Holly was awesome to talk to, and just like the title of her book, she was very real and a lot of fun to chat with.

You can find Holly at ⁠⁠

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