Episode 4: Christine Grogan

Christine Grogan, DHA, MS, MHA has spent her career growing, leading, and transforming healthcare companies and building dynamic businesses that deliver exceptional results.

She brings 25 years of experience in building partnerships, a broad network of solid industry relationships, and the ability to translate goals into business success and innovation.

Christine has been a healthcare marketing and sales executive at KCI-3M, Pfizer, Allergan, and several startups focusing on specialties such as Plastic Surgery, Wound Care, and Orthopedics among others.

Here are just a few of her accomplishments:

???? Christine is currently President of ETS wound care for the United States where she oversees launching products in wound care.

???? She has been a healthcare marketing and sales executive for massive companies as KCI-3M, Pfizer, Allergan, and several other start ups

????Christine ran marketing as the VP of the Americas for KCI-3M, responsible with her team for $1.4 B in sales using creative marketing strategies and outstanding sales execution.

????She was recognized with over 10 awards from leading marketing agencies for creating an innovative digital app that significantly improved KCI’s communications with nurses.

????As sales district manager at Pfizer, she developed and ran sales training and was presented with the President Champion Sales Award 2 years in a row.

I had an absolute blast speaking with Christine and I hope you enjoy watching the interview.

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