Episode 5: Jeffrey Eisen

I am thrilled to share another amazing interview, this time with Jeffrey Eisen.

Throughout the majority of his life, Jeffrey dedicated himself to serving as the President and CEO of his family’s steel business. Motivated by the pursuit of success, the desire to meet his parents’ expectations, and the responsibility of providing financial stability for his loved ones, he poured his efforts into his work.

Jeffrey appeared to be leading a picture-perfect existence, occupying a prestigious C-suite position, surrounded by a loving wife and three wonderful children, residing in a beautiful home, and enjoying yearly vacations. However, despite outward appearances, happiness eluded him, leading to a profound realization when he found himself hospitalized with Crohn’s disease, and awaiting surgery.

The root cause of his illness was unmistakably stress-related, serving as a turning point that propelled him towards a transformative journey of self-discovery. Since that pivotal moment, Jeffrey has evolved into a spiritual life coach, channeler, energy intuitive, and dedicated teacher.

Dive into this interview and learn more about Jeffrey’s journey and how he unlocked his incredible gifts. I hope you all enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed chatting with Jeffrey.

You can find Jeffrey online at:


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